A chat with Robert Elms

I was delighted to have a quick interview with Robert Elms on BBC London radio on Saturday morning 25 March, the day before the walk, and describe some of the background to the man Eduardo Paolozzi, and the route we are planning to take tomorrow.

I love the Robert Elms show – I think it’s his sense of the span of London as a place where he belongs that I admire – it’s part of the reason I’m walking round the whole city on the London Spiral, to catch up with his breadth.

I said that the works of Paolozzi were scattered too widely from Kew in the West to the Vulcan at Royal Dock in the East, for the walk to take them all in, but there were several in central London, and Robert asked if the walk included his murals at Tottenham Court Road tube – which it does. We will dip down into the station to see the newly restored and energised tile work there, bring your Oyster card.

We’ll also go by the missing sculpture – more on that later – then carry on to Marcus Campbell’s shop. Campbell knew Paolozzi and offered to sell some of his work, plus he has catalogues from exhibitions past, so an interesting stop. We’ll have a refreshment break at Albion Bankside and the chance to taste some Paolozzi beer, straight from the Edinburgh Beer Factory.


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